How To Get Even FASTER Results By Adding In My Brand-New Kinobody Cardio, Abs & Mobility Program...

My programs are extremely effective on their own…

But there’s a way to enhance the program to ramp up fat loss even MORE.

It’s a 2-prong approach combining strategic cardio with specific ab exercises into a routine that increases fat burning – even while following another program.

And where it gets good for you…

Is that I’ve documented the entire strategy and compiled it into one program that seamlessly integrates into the Kinobody Programs.

I call it…

The Kinobody Cardio, Abs & Mobility Program.


This program shows you exactly how to strategically incorporate cardio-style training while following any of my programs (Aggressive Fat Loss, Warrior Shredding, Greek God and Superhero) to maximize fat loss, conditioning, athleticism, abs development and mobility.

On top of that, the abs routines from this program will work better than anything you’ve ever done to develop the thickness and density of your abdominal wall while injury-proofing your body.

This will result in chiseled six pack abs as you reach a low body fat.

This routine will help you sculpt the abs you want faster than anything else out there.

Here's A Sneak Peek At Part Of The Program...

(And What You'll Be Able To Work Up To)

Component #1:

Main Cardio, Abs & Mobility Program Guide

paperback-standing1-205x3001 (1)This is the main guide outlining the entire strategy behind maximizing fat loss, conditioning, athleticism, abs development and mobility. You’ll follow this program on 3 of the 4 “off” days in the Warrior Shredding Program.

These workouts will accelerate fat loss without impairing strength, muscle development, power or recovery.

In addition, the core and mobility drills will build strong and muscular abs while improving total body suppleness and injury proofing the body.

At a low body fat, you will have some seriously defined and etched out abs.

Best of all, this program will help you burn a substantial amount of calories without raising your appetite.

Component #2:

Workout Exercise Tutorial Video (on MP4)

dvd-cover-open-300x2721I won’t just give you the manual for this program then leave you high and dry…

I recorded a video walking you through the entire workout routine step by step so you can SEE how to do every single exercise.

More than that though, I explain why each element is critical, what it does for you, and how to execute the movements properly…

This way, you’ll know WHAT to do and WHY you’re doing it to make results almost guaranteed!*

* I say “almost” because I can’t do the work for you – YOU have to do that, lol.

Component #3:

Jump Rope Tutorial Video (on MP4)

cdlaying_817x383-300x1411This jump rope tutorial shows you how to turn a simple tool into an incredible weapon to burn fat, blunt hunger, boost agility, coordination, speed and all around athleticism.

In fact, jumping rope is like jogging on steroids! Moreover, you’ll learn how to make jumping rope extremely fun by synchronizing your skipping with your favorite songs.

And if you aren’t ready to jump rope or it isn’t your thing, you’ll have substitutions that you can do instead!

Try It Risk-Free For 30 Days And Watch The Fat Drop Off...


I'm so confident that you'll get results with this program that I'm giving you a full 30 days to check it out. Put it into action and if you don't see results after 30 days, send me an email and I'll send you every penny back.


YES! I want to add the Kinobody Cardio, Abs & Mobility Program to my cart!

  • Kinobody Cardio, Abs & Mobility Program (Main Manual)
  • BONUS Video #1: Workout Video Guide
  • BONUS Video #2: Jump Rope Tutorial + Examples

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